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Create Your Own CD Eye Shadow Palette

Things you will need to create your own eye shadow palette 

Eye shadows
Scissors or utility knife
Flat Iron
Wax Paper
Empty CD case
Glue or Magnetic Strips
Rubbing Alcohol

Step 1. Plug in and turn on the flat iron.

Step 2. Using the utility knife or scissors look for where the plastic casing that holds the shadows and the plastic container meet and use the knife to lift it up from the plastic casing.

Step 3. Once the plastic holding the eye shadows is separate from the casing lay the wax paper on the flat iron and place the eye shadow on top of the wax paper.

Step 4. Leave the plastic on there for about 2-3 minutes so the plastic can melt.

Step 5. Once the plastic is melted use the knife to lift the pan from the plastic.

Step 6. Use the rubbing alcohol to remove the glue from the bottom of the eye shadow pan,

Step 7. If using the magnetic sheet cut to fit the inside of the CD case peel of the back.

Step 8.Once cut and place inside the CD case or if gluing start with a line of glue on the inside of the CD case.

Step 9. Place the eye shadow pan on the magnetic sheet or on the glue. Repeat all the steps until your palette is filled up.

Hint: Start at the bottom left corner and go up for an even palette.


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