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Maybelline Color Sensationel Vivid Lipsticks

I just recently purchased the Maybelline Color Vivids Lipsticks. I have 905 Brazen Berry, 880 Electric Orange, 875 Wild Rose, 900 Hot Plum and 860 Pink Pop. These lipsticks have a smell to them it takes some getting used to. One girl who reviewed them on youtube said they smell like play-doh. I do love how pigmented these lipsticks are. They go on very smooth. The colors are amazing. They reange between $5.00 - $8.00 depending on where you purchase them. I paid $5.50 a piece at Walmart for them. I think if you try these lipsticks, you will like them despite the smell.


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My 1st Avon Vendor Event

I did my first vendor event April 5th. I now have learned some better ways to display my products and ways to get more people to my table. One thing I will do next time and post it is to get boxes and fabric and have the products at different eye levels. I also will have a game wheel for guests to spin and win a prize most likely it will be a sample and a coupon or a gift certificate.
  For my first event I couldn't find a black or hot pink tablecloth so I bought a purple one from Dollar Tree. I also bought the yard sale price stickers to put on my products. I always put my contact info on all my products. I had old brochures out for people to grab. I had the products had for sell displayed on my table. I did order me a carnival game wheel from Oriental Trading. Next month I will buy the Plinko like game from Oriental Trading.

L.A. Colors Lippies

I recently went to Dollar Tree and these are my beauty finds. I love the L.A. Color lip glosses. They smell so good the shades I have are Coral Crush, Pink Paradise and Fruit Punch. I have the lipstick in the shades Nectarine, Natural, Coral and Pink.

October Dollar Tree Haul 2016