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Black Radience Gift Set

I purchased this Black Riadience gifft set from Family Dollar for $3.00. Included in the gift set were two lip lipners, two lipsticks and two eyeshadow duos. The lip liners are in the shades CA6548 and CA6549. CA6548 is a rose shade and CA6549 is a dark red or reed wine shade. The lipliners glide on smooth and they are retractable so there is no need to sharpen them.

The lipsticks are in the shades 5031 Red Shimmer and 5032 Glazed Beige. The lipsticks are really smooth and creamy. They are very beautiful colors.

The two eyeshadow duos are in the shades 8725 Ebony/Ivory and 8730 Heaven/Earth. Heaven/Earth duo are both shimmer eyeshadows and they are a brown and a taupe color. They are very smooth and very pigmented. I was surprised by how pigmented they are. I will be getting more eyshadows from  Black Radience. Ebony/Ivory is a shimmer black and white eyeshadow. It also is very pigmented and very smooth.


Crown Brush 7pc. Travel Set

I just received my Crown Brush travel set. The set includes 7 brushes. These are synthetic hair brushes. The bristles are very soft and the finel is attached tightly to the handle. The set includes a powder brush, blush brush, foundation brush, crease brush, eyeshadow brush, oval lip brush and a pointed liner brush in a faux leather case that has two snaps. I haven't used these brushes yet but my first impression is that they are good quality brushes from what I heard other ladies on YouTube say. These brushes are very affordable I paid $20 for this set. I won mine from Tophatter.