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Black Friday Tips: For Savvy Shoppers

Here are some of my tips for Black Friday.
This year Black Friday will be on November 28, 2014.
Some retailers will be open Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday online starts at midnight.

1. Make a List
Before you go out shopping make a list of who you will buy for whether it is for (yourself, cousin, parents, co-workers..etc.)
You may also want to write on the list what you plan to get each person and include the store  and price of the item to make it easier when you shop. Have a backup plan in case the item is sold out. Here is a download gift list to help you.
2. Have a Game Plan
Have a plan of what stores you want to go to first and if the sale has a time limit. If it does and can't make it to other stores for items on your gift list  then, shop online from your phone. Use the  Key Ring app to keep all your store cards in one place, Retail Me Not or Coupons app for coupons.
 3. Early Bird
Don't sleep in unless you plan to shop online for sales on Black Friday. Wake up early most stores open at 5 AM. Getting to bed early will help a lot. Don't forget your list, money or credit/debit card, phone, charger, and sales coupons.
4. Eat Healthy
Eat a healthy breakfast and lunch. Avoid fatty foods it will make you crash and burn and you will need a lot of energy today because you will be in long lines and fighting traffic.
5. Have a Shopping Partner
Bring a family member or friend with you shopping. You will have someone who can hold your place in line in case you need to sit down or get something else.
6. Organize Transportation
If you don't want to drive maybe carpool with family or your friends. Take the bus or get dropped off and picked up so you won't be driving all day looking for parking and getting road rage.
7. Shop Online
As I stated earlier shop online for your Black Friday gifts and save gas. You can still use the list when shopping online and organizing what sites you will visit first. You can also shop online and pick it up in the store for stores like (Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target).
Stop by Gifts For Everyone on your list.
I hope these tips help you this Holiday. Have a good Thanksgiving!


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