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Swtcndy's Beauty and More is a personal beauty blog. These are my thoughts and opinions. All content is written, edited and published by me Le Le.

  I created this blog to share my thoughts and views on makeup and hair. I am not yet a professional makeup artist but I will be soon. For now I am a just a beauty junkie. I  love to be creative and although some looks may be inspired by a celebrity or something I have seen before I try to put my own spin on my makeup looks. I have not had formal training in makeup. I will be taking classes soon because this is what makes me happy and I love to express myself. I personally prefer bold and bright colors. I know that is a bit much for some people.

I do accept products to review and all reviews whether I purchased or received them are my honest opinion of the product. Most reviews are products purchased by me. I always will give my honest opinion of a product.


Pictures on Swtcndy's Beauty and More are taken by me will be swatches, products and my makeup looks Pictures I have taken I retain all rights to those images. Although some pictures may come from the the internet and all rights are reserved by that photographer or company for pictures that were not taken by me. It's use is only to show readers what new products are out.


All readers who subscribe your information is not given to any third parties.All information given for contest entries are not shared or sold and the information is not kept after the contest ends. 

Disclaimer subject to change by Swtcndy's Beauty and More.


Popular posts from this blog

My 1st Avon Vendor Event

I did my first vendor event April 5th. I now have learned some better ways to display my products and ways to get more people to my table. One thing I will do next time and post it is to get boxes and fabric and have the products at different eye levels. I also will have a game wheel for guests to spin and win a prize most likely it will be a sample and a coupon or a gift certificate.
  For my first event I couldn't find a black or hot pink tablecloth so I bought a purple one from Dollar Tree. I also bought the yard sale price stickers to put on my products. I always put my contact info on all my products. I had old brochures out for people to grab. I had the products had for sell displayed on my table. I did order me a carnival game wheel from Oriental Trading. Next month I will buy the Plinko like game from Oriental Trading.

Beauty Advisor Job Interview Questions

I've  recently  been  on  three  different  beauty  advisor job interviews with  three  different companies. I want to help you ladies out by getting you prepared for your beauty advisor interview. Here are some of the questions I was asked as well as other questions that might assist you. Do you have retail experience?
Tell me about yourself?
How do you feel about applying makeup on people?
Have you ever sold cosmetics before?
How would you build a relationship with the customer to get repeat clientele?
Describe a time when you had to work as a team?
Why do you want to work at?
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
What is good customer service?
How would you deal with an unhappy customer?
Why should I hire you?

L.A. Colors Lippies

I recently went to Dollar Tree and these are my beauty finds. I love the L.A. Color lip glosses. They smell so good the shades I have are Coral Crush, Pink Paradise and Fruit Punch. I have the lipstick in the shades Nectarine, Natural, Coral and Pink.